Responsive Front End UI/UX Development

Skills-ruby Skills-html Skills-css Skills-js Skills-coffee
Skills-less Skills-sass Skills-haml Skills-jquery Skills-json
Skills-xml Skills-ajax Skills-rss Skills-rspec Skills-git
Skills-github Skills-d3js Skills-bootstrap Skills-zurb Skills-sketch

Back End Data Model Design & Database Engineering

Skills-mysql Skills-postgres Skills-mongoid Skills-amazon Skills-heroku

APIs, Social Media/Third Party Services & E-Commerce Solutions

Skills-stripe Skills-paypal Skills-recurly Skills-shopify Skills-yodlee
Skills-youtube Skills-vimeo Skills-omniauth Skills-fb Skills-li
Skills-sendgrid Skills-mailchimp Skills-oauth Skills-wordpress Skills-tumblr

Additional Skills & Expertise
Google Analytics Google Apps Google Maps Google Webfonts New Relic Keen IO Pubnub Thin Devise CanCan SQL Data Mining Web Crawling/Scraping Mechanize Nokugiri Custom Ruby Programming Custom Python Programming SSL Certificate Configuration DNSimple DNS Managment Rubymotion iOS App Development Android App Development SEO Social Media Managment & Integration Project Management Technology Consulting Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Adobe Flash Adobe InDesign MS Excel including Macros VBA MS Word MS Powerpoint Google Docs


Prime Student Loan
Summary helps graduates students translate their academic and career achievements into reduced student loan expenses. By leveraging third party authentication solutions and the data they provide, PSL eliminates overlapping data collection and increases the overall efficiency of the loan consilidation process. Prime Student loan has helped qualified borrowers save an average of over $350 per month!

A user signs up with Facebook or Linked-In through omniauth, relevant personal/educational/employment information is pulled from the authentication response and saved for the user. The user then connects with their loans via the Yodlee API and a custom federal loan scraper (developed with mechanize and nokogiri) which aggregate the information across multiple data sources. We run our loan and payment strategy optimization algoriths and provide the user with a recommendation based on their loan information and personal financial goals.

Links below include the main rails app, federal loan parser, loan optimizer, HTML email template, and the first/old version of the site.

Tech Used
Skills-ruby Skills-html Skills-css Skills-js Skills-sass Skills-haml Skills-jquery Skills-json Skills-rspec Skills-git Skills-github Skills-d3js Skills-bootstrap Skills-postgres Skills-heroku Skills-yodlee Skills-omniauth Skills-fb Skills-li Skills-sendgrid Skills-tumblr
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Online Parking Pass

This rails app in combination with Online Parking Pass' RFID ticket scanning technology helps to drastically cut down the time it takes apartment building managers to identify and deal with illegally parked cars. This site is targeted at building owners/managers but inevitably regular "parking" users make their way here from time to time and need to be sent to the correct place as elegantly as possible.

A "parking" user is redirected to the correct SSL verified subdomain based on their building selection on the main page dropdown. The select2 gem and coffeescript were used for the custom subgrouped dropdown select menu and to populate its building data.

A building owner/manager can request more information by either filling out the home page form or the contact us page form. For development I used a Google SMTP mail account and SQLite3 as the database before moving over to SendGrid and a Postgres DB hosted on Heroku for production.

An SSL Wildcard Certificate was purchased and configured for the root, www, and multiple subdomains using for redirects and DNS managment. Google Analytics and New Relic are used to monitor and analyze web traffic, server performace, and other usage trends that can be mapped to individual advertising, networking, and marketing efforts.

Tech Used
Skills-ruby Skills-html Skills-css Skills-js Skills-coffee Skills-sass Skills-jquery Skills-json Skills-ajax Skills-rss Skills-rspec Skills-git Skills-github Skills-bootstrap Skills-postgres Skills-heroku Skills-fb Skills-li Skills-sendgrid
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Planned Parking
Summary is an internal rails system application developed to help building managers keep track of their building guests' cars (Non-RFID certified). Violators for each building are highlighted depending on that building's unique set of parking rules. The UI needed to be responsive and optimized for viewing and inputing data through various size Android Nexus tablets.

Using rails, postgres, and heroku, a relational database was set up with user, building, and car data models and their respective associations. Multiple user roles and abilities had to be defined in order to protect certain content from being editable by non-administrators.

Admin Users were created to add/remove buildings, add/remove cars, and to edit the roles of other users. Driver Users are allowed to add/remove cars at one building at a time once they're approved as a Driver by an Admin User. Lastly, Regular User is the default role given to someone who just registers for the site. They can't touch any of the car/parking data until their account is approved and updated by an Admin User.

The main navigation and a significant chunk of the UI had to be responsive to both the physical size of the user's tablet screen and also the scope of their Authorized role. SASS embedded media queries dealt with the potential tablet screen dimension variations and a three tiered user authorization and permissioning system was set up using devise, cancan, and rolify.

Tech Used
Skills-ruby Skills-html Skills-css Skills-js Skills-coffee Skills-sass Skills-haml Skills-jquery Skills-rspec Skills-git Skills-github Skills-bootstrap Skills-zurb Skills-postgres Skills-heroku Skills-fb Skills-li Skills-sendgrid
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